Vinnie DeMasi

 Guitarist, Educator, Composer, Performer, Author.


I am currently shreddin’ my taxi-yellow Charvel with The Ronald Reagans Big ’80s Tribute Show ( and twangin’ a Fender Tele with Celtic-influenced party rockers The Mulligans ( I am also an alternate in the pit orchestrate for Mamma Mia on Broadway and have subbed with the shows Moving Out and Jersey Boys. From 2008-2012 I played The Edge with tribute band U2 Nation. I have also performed with Jimmy Buffet, and golden age of rock legends Herb Reed’s Platters, Joe Villa (“Short Shorts”), The Cascades (“Rhythm of the Rain”)and others.

*Since 2001, I have been a regular contributor of articles, lessons, and transcriptions to Guitar Player Magazine.  My pedagogical writing has also found its way onto the pages of  Guitar World, Acoustic Guitar World, and Frets magazines. I’m a contributing author of The Guitar Player Book: 40 Years of Interviews, Gear, and Lessons from the World’s Most Celebrated Guitar Magazine, editor of Lenny Molotov’s Fingerstyle Basics for Guitar and am currently writing my first collegiate-level music performance textbook (more info on this coming soon). My solo acoustic instrumental CD Sketches for Sofia is currently available.

* Since 2006, I have taught primarily at The New York City Guitar School working with students of all ages. I designed the curriculum for the Intro to Classic Rock, Intro to Metal, Intermediate Acoustic Technique I & II, and Intro to Surf and Rockabilly.  I taught the first rock band ensemble class in 2006 and continue to lead several groups in our Adult Rock Band program throughout the year.

UPDATE! I just wrote a series of four instructional books for Musicians Institute’s Guitar Performance classes! They are available as downloads here:


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